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Logan Collier

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First ever real “RUNNER”.

Incredibly talented wakeboarder. He’s been on the NZ wake scene since god knows when and had a huge part in the development of the sport over there. Mainly boat rather then a cable rider.

At the moment very involved with riding, coaching kids and sharing his skills with whoever wants to challenge themselves and follow their dreams.

Traveling the world in the pursue of his dreams, he’s been wakeboarding in New Zealand, America, Australia and UK .

He represents Always On The Run everyday wearing our gear on the streets and in the water.

I met him in Australia and since day one I knew AOTR’s philosophy and clothing was a perfect match with his way of life. Plus he is a great dude !

He is also sponsored by O’Brien.

Thanks to people like him  Always On The Run reaches the right people around the world.

Thanks Logan !

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