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New Always On The Run logo by Black Dusk !!!


After a few years  we decided that our logo needs a fresher, crisper and a more dynamic street look to represent the constant progress AOTR is aiming for.

We found somebody who may just be perfect to do that and change the game for us forever.

Black Dusk – a close friend of mine who teaches me to surf and makes me paddle to south straddie like a man across the channel, but first of all an incredibly talented artist from Gold Coast, Australia, that I am looking up to and wish I could have just a bit of his insane drawing talent ! A surfer, skateboarder, cool, relaxed dude and a soul constantly looking for new challenges – perfectly matching AOTR’s personality profile, except for being really humble and not willing to be on the covers of the design magazines 🙂

He has been involved with AOTR since we meet. And now drew the awesome new logo and the new bunny that I hope you going to love to. Check out the logos below and let us know what you think !

A new streetwear collection, filled with those designs is coming soon so sign up for our newsletter to stay tuned !

Also go and see some of Black Dusk’s other incredible designs .

Remember that you may also become one of Always On The Run artists, just send us your designs and maybe we will do a great collabo soon !!!



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